Upgrades for Mancrusher for Age of Sigmar
Upgrades for Mancrusher in Age of Sigmar
giant in Age of Sigmar
Mancrusher Gargant model for Age of Sigmar
Ale Guzzler gargant pieces in a sprue

Sons of Behemat: Mancrusher Gargant

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When the earth shakes to the thunder of Mega-Gargant footfalls, their lesser brethren muster for war. Still gigantic by the standards of mere mortals, Mancrusher Gargants are inspired to overwhelming and violent purpose by their towering brethren, transformed from aimless nomads and indulgent drunkards into war-hungry terrors.

This multipart plastic kit builds one Mancrusher Gargant, a lumbering monster that runs at the heels of its larger kin. This comprehensive kit includes a huge variety of cosmetic choices, allowing you to build each gargant as a distinct character. It offers alternate heads, gargant-sized weapons, a variety of hands, and different pairs of feet, as well as accessories such as arrows from unlucky victims, a selection of loot and plunder from across the Mortal Realms, and components intended for the base – such as a screaming victim, a squashed grot, and a skeletal signpost. This kit can alternatively build an Aleguzzler Gargant for the Gloomspite Gitz, or a Chaos Gargant for the Beasts of Chaos.

This kit comprises 75 plastic components and is supplied with a Citadel 90x52mm Oval Base. This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Colour paints.