Team Yankee: Israel - Kahalani's Warriors

Team Yankee: Israel - Kahalani's Warriors

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1:100 Scale

A horrendous clang shook the entire Merkava 2 of Lieutenant Adam Koren. Koren's ears rang and all other sounds were muffled. He searched ahead for the enemy tank that had just hit them, locating it about 2000 metres to the northwest. He slapped his gunner Avi's shoulder to get his attention. "Target, 2000 metres, Sabot," he shouted.

Avi replied, but Koren couldn't hear him. However, Avi acknowledged the order with a thumbs up before taking aim and sending a round towards the Syrian T-72M in the distance. Koren watched the T-72M as the round hit. For a few moments nothing happened, then a crewman scrambled from the turret just seconds before a funnel of flame erupted from the hatches.

3 Merkava 1 or 2 Tanks
2 AH-1 Viper Attack Helicopters
1 Tank Commander Sprue
2 Decal Sheets
6 Unit Cards
1 Mini Team Yankee Rulebook